Project Case Studies

Water Utility Company

Project: 20Km new water pipeline

Supplied: 355mm electrofusion couplers

Description:  AWT Fusion Malaysia supplied more than 1,000 no’s 355mm Fusamatic electrofusion couplers worth approximately RM0.6 million for a new water pipeline located at Kuching, Sarawak.  The project supplied fresh water for use at the fishery industry near the port.

Private Developer

Project: 23 units 2 storeys, 56 units 3 storeys and 39 units 4 storeys – shop lot

Supplied: 32mm, 63mm and 90mm couplers, 90mm equal tee, 90mm x 32U FlexTeee tapping tee, 32mm x 1″ male transition

Description:  AWT Fusion Malaysia supplied various Fusamatic electrofusion fittings for a gas pipeline extension for new private housing developments in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Gas Utility Company

Project: 1.3km new gas pipeline

Supplied: 180mm and 125mm couplers, 180mm and 125mm reducers, 125 x 63U Multiseal tapping tees

Description:  AWT Fusion Malaysia supplied various Fusamatic electrofusion fittings to a local gas utility company for a new 1.3km gas pipeline in Klang, Selangor.

Factory Construction

Project: New water pipeline – Private Factory

Supplied: 400mm Automatic Butt Fusion Machine

Description:  AWT Fusion Malaysia supplied a 400mm Automatic Butt Fusion Machine for the construction of a new water pipeline for a private factory in Klang, Selangor.

Power Utility Company

Project: Manjung-5 Fast Track 3A Power Plant

Supplied: 355mm Electrofusion Coupler, 400mm Butt Fusion Machine, Electrofusion Elbows, Electrofusion Equal Tees

Description:  AWT Fusion Malaysia supplied various Fusamatic electrofusion fittings and a 400mm Butt Fusion Machine to a Power Utility Company for the Manjung-5 Fast Track 3A Power Plant