Fusamatic Electrofusion Products

Electrofusion is a convenient and economical method of jointing PE pipes, which provides a permanent and leak-proof pipe system. Fusamatic is a patented method of automatic electrofusion whereby an in-built resistor identifies power requirements of the fitting to ensure correct joint parameters once connected to a Fusamatic Control Box.

The main features Fusamatic Electrofusion products are:

increases joint integrity and improves system economics.

increases efficiencies and decreases potential operators’ error.

ensures quality control by recording full joint data which can be retrieved.

uses simple and practical tools designed specifically for electrofusion system.


The range of electrofusion fittings includes:

  • Couplers from 20mm to 355mm dia.
  • Elbows 45 & 90 deg. from 20mm to 180mm dia.
  • Tapping tees from 40x32 to 63x355mm
  • Branch saddles from 63x63 to 355x250mm
  • Transition couplers and elbows from 20mm to 63mm dia.
  • Flanged branch saddles, duckfoot bends and much more.
  • Reduces
  • Tees 32-180mm

The latest addition to the above range of electrofusion fittings is the multi-seal tapping tees for live tapping into water and gas distribution pipes.

Click HERE for a full list of fittings and specifications


AWT Fusion also supplies fabricated fittings such as pupped stub flanges, pupped bends, pupped tees and flanged branches and many others to customers’ requirements.


Fusamatic Control Box And Data Retrieval

The electrofusion process is controlled by the use of a controller, the Fusamatic Control Box. It is robust, waterproof and light. It is a user-friendly electronic device with step-by-step prompts to lead the operator through the jointing process, which ensures the operator follows the correct installation procedure. Data for up to 500 joints can be stored in the controller.

Four models of the control boxes are available and the latest is Series AM85-CE which is used for electrofusion fittings requiring up to 48V output.

Most models have in-built Data Retrieval System, which allows for complete joint histories to be recorded and retrieved via a lightweight data printer or Data Transfer software, which allows transfer of information from the controller directly to the user’s PC.

Click HERE for Fusamatic Control Box Specifications

Other Tools Used In Conjunction With Electrofusion Jointing

  • Generators - sizes available from 2.4KW to 6KW with 110 or 200 volt output. All models produce high quality, smooth, regular power outputs.
  • Pipe Cutters - Various types of cutters are available; they include Universal Pipe Cutter, small and large Secateur Cutters and Guillotine Cutter.
  • Scrapers - Various types of scrapers are available; they include Mini- and Maxi-Scrapers, Hand Scrapers and Universal Scraper.
  • Clamps - Clamps for various applications are available. They include Mini and Maxi Clamps, Multi-Clamp, Elbow Clamp, Alignment Clamp, G-Clamp and Rerounding Clamp, Strap Clamp
  • Saddle Kits - These are used for installing underclamp Tapping Tees and Branch Saddles. Three sizes of Saddle Kits are available.
  • Other tools such as Under Pressure or Non-Pressure Drills, Coil Joiner and Squeeze Tools are also available.

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